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Ivanhoe's Irish Mist
Ivanhoe's Lion Hearted
Ivanhoe's Genntown Gabby
Ivanhoe's Mr. Tuxedo
Narvin's Sully of Ivanhoe
Ivanhoe's Red Lion
Ivanhoe's Samantha
Ivanhoe's Irish Twist
Ivanhoe’s Irish Cream
Highland Bagpiper of Ivanhoe
Tuff of Ivanhoe
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Field-Bred English Springer Spaniels

FC AFC Ivanhoe's Mr. Tuxedo

NAFC FC CFC Ivanhoe's Irish Twist   NAFC FC CFC Ivanhoe's Irish Twist

FC AFC Stonington's Cut to the Chase Guadaira's Black Diamond FC AFC Speed of Westphal NAFC FC AFC Gleanngillen's Flying Tiger
Timberdoodles Rosie
Pennyburn's Daisy FC CFC Windbourn's Loyal
Warrison Woodren
Shine's Fury of Guadaira FC Saradynpark Shine Gorsty Broch of Halaze
Saighton's Shimmer
Guadaira's Vicki Orgest Cablo Millsdrake
Strong's Merry Ellie
Ivanhoe's Irish Mist FC Jimmy's Mayberry Kid CNFC FC Brandy's Big Ben FC CFC Windbourn's Loyal
CFC Springville Cherry Brandy
I Can't Believe You Mist FC Windy Acres Tony
NAFC AFC Wild Irish Kelly
Ferndelle's Irish Mist NAFC FC AFC CFC Ivanhoe's Irish Twist CNFC FC CFC Northern Thunder's Rupert
AFC Jordan Valley Ann
Greenmt Hope Ona Stormy Nite NFC AFC CFC Hope's Nitro Charger
Windbourne's Classy Sassy

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