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Ivanhoe Springer Spaniels are unmistakably finely bred sporting dogs. In the classic book “Spaniels for Sport” they are appropriately referred to as being, “not for the faint of heart!"

Our Promise:
You will note as early as your initial inquiry that we treat the acquisition of one our dogs or puppies as an “adoption” process. Just as we fully expect you to interview us, we will interview you. We want your history with “sporting dogs” and your questions. What we are after is simple-is it going to be a good fit! We have attained AKC “Breeder of Merit” status and have held it for many years. You can learn more at This designation is the “Gold Standard” within the reputable breeding community. It includes: Good standing, active breeder, exhibitor, participant, past accomplishments, titled dogs, healthy - happy dogs free from genetic defects, etc.

Pups will have tails docked to field length, dew claws removed, receive routine wormings and “puppy boosters”.

Our pups range in cost by: Gender (with females typically more), and the accomplishment of the parents involved. All our pups will be the result of the finest pedigrees available among field-bred Springers.

Ivanhoe will have final say if a pup is to carry “Full” or “Limited” registration status.

We will ask for earnest money upon the mutual decision that an adoption will be taking place. earnest money is non-refundable. Like an adoption process, re-homing a pup or dog takes planning and consideration i.e. facilities, care, expertise and time. As such earnest money is applied towards that end. Likewise the consultation prior to the inception of a litter is all part of the expense. Additional expenses typically passed on to the new home: are costs for shipping, holding pups for convenient pick -ups, any added health maintenance items, etc.

Your Promise:
You will provide quality care for your pup. You will follow through with the registration of the pup. In the event that things do not work out; you will contact Ivanhoe prior to making any final decisions on the future of the pup. This includes any decisions to re-home your pup. You will refrain from ever dropping your pup at a shelter or rescue center.

You will accept the fact that no delivery date can be guaranteed. That - in the event of planned breedings and starting dogs, etc. we are always at the mercy of Mother Nature, personal schedules, etc.

Similarly you accept that we cannot / will not promise particulars: markings, gender, a pairing, or color. You will provide us with your preferences, and will do our best to fulfill them.

You will arrange a non-refundable earnest payment in order to get on our list, and receive on-going communication. You accept the fact that when there is nothing new to report communication may be minimal. You further understand that some owners want constant contact others are content to wait patiently for information. While we will always endeavor to respond to calls and email; it is not incumbent on us to meet the demands of “constant contact” when there is nothing to report.

You will be responsible for prompt payment and we typically want a pup paid in half or full by the time they have been declared thriving.

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