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Ivanhoe's Irish Mist
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Field-Bred English Springer Spaniels

Photo Gallery

Awards AboundThe following photo gallery is provided to give you an idea of the type and style of dog we eneavor to produce under the banner Ivanhoe Springer Spaniels. Click on a thumbnail to see the full image.

Why "Ivanhoe"?
The name "Ivanhoe" is burrowed from the Sir Walter Scott romance novel. Based on Celtic and Old English folklore, the story is a classic. We chose Ivanhoe because our family got its beginning on Ivanhoe Avenue in 1979. At the same time our quest began to produce a distinct, fine line of topflight English Springer Spaniels.

Training Field  Spaniel's Delight  Training Field
Training field at Ivanhoe Country Kennels

Training Field  Training Field  Ivanhoe Welcome  Great Family Dogs

Our Dogs and Pups

We adhere to a strict breeding program of linebreeding with the introduction of formidable outcrosses. We breed for talent, temperament and intelligence. In terms of physical appearance, our dogs emulate a classic Springer look. A broad head, square muzzle, dark eye, athletic build — perhaps a shade longer in torso than high at the shoulder.

One Great Spaniel  Bold EntryBold Retrieve
NAFC, FC, AFC, CFC Ivanhoe's Irish Twist aka Whitey is a Bird Dog Hall of Fame Inductee:

Training DaysBold Flush  Relationship BuildingRelationship Building

Natural CuriosityIvanhoe LitterIvanhoe Pups

Field Trial DayAnother Great One  a

AttentiveNatural Swimmers  Relationship Building

Natural RetrieversIvanhoe PupsLioness delivers to Laney

The Finished Retreive:
One Great Spaniel Bold Entry Bold Retrieve Bold Retrieve
Marking Released Hitting Stride Bold in Cover
One Great Spaniel Bold Retrieve Bold Entry Bold Retrieve
Locating the Fall Prompt Return Bird Retreived Deliver to Hand

Bold Water Entries – genetics at work:
One Great Spaniel Bold Retrieve Bold Entry  

The Girls of Ivanhoe
The Girls of Ivanhoe  

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