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Ivanhoe's Irish Mist
Ivanhoe's Lion Hearted
Ivanhoe's Genntown Gabby
Ivanhoe's Mr. Tuxedo
Narvin's Sully of Ivanhoe
Ivanhoe's Red Lion
Ivanhoe's Samantha
Ivanhoe's Irish Twist
Ivanhoe’s Irish Cream
Highland Bagpiper of Ivanhoe
Tuff of Ivanhoe
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Field-Bred English Springer Spaniels

Narvin's Sully of Ivanhoe   

NFCNAFCCNFC Blackriver's Tanner, () FCAFC Blackriver's Gage,() FCAFC N ant-Lais Sting, ()

ENFC Rytex Racer of Craigfelin, ()

Housty Carmen, ()
Old Vemilion's Katie Bug, () ONJFCFCAFC Pel Tan Roly,()
Hope's Turbo Kit, ()
Old Vermillion's Little El, () Penyghent Pride, () Kettlestang Comet, ()
Spenclough Milly of Penyghent, ()
Vermlion's Special Lucy, ( ) ONFCFCAFC Pel Tan Roly,()
Hope's Turbo Kit, ()
ONFC CFC Lady Caramel, () CFC Grousevalley Northern Clipper, () CFC Springville's lmperial Sweeper, () ONFCFCAFC Pel Tan Roly,()
CFC Springville's Pleasureable. Swinger,()
CFC SpringvilleTrixie of Hammer,() FCAFC Reward's Mr Good Wrench,()
Springville Alberta Storm ()
CFC Koko Belle, ( ) CFC Canspan's Load and Lock 1/1/3 , () CFC Canspan's True Grit, ()
Cory of Canspn, ()
CFC Glenmar's Lady of Chumberlain, () CFC Springful Sir Chumberlain; ()
Glenmar's Sophie WS, ()

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